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Flooftopia Partnership with Sequence

Partnership with Sequence

Nov 21, 2023

What is Flooftopia?

Flooftopia is a social MMORPG that combines the timeless MMORPG mechanics we’ve all come to love, cooperative gameplay, and adorable Floofs into a unique gaming experience that everyone can enjoy! Flooftopia offers a vast land filled with many plants, creatures, and biomes that all surround The Great Tyyneys-Floof Tree, and with so much to discover and so many new friends to make, there's always something to do and room to grow within Flooftopia!

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Design Your Own Unique Floof

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Take Your Floof on Adventures

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A Game for ALL Ages

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Q3 2022

Release of Renovated Flooftopia Website
Release Flooftopia Litepaper
Backend of NFT (Floof) Customized Minting

Q4 2022

Release Build-an-NFT (Floof) Testnet Mint
Launch the Build-an-NFT Minting
World Building of Alpha Testing

Q1 2023

Additional Website Language Integrations
Release Generation 2 Minting

Q2 2023

Closed Alpha Testing
Alpha Release
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Customize every part of your Floof

With Flooftopia’s One-of-a-Kind Customizable Minting Functionality, users will be able to pick their Floof’s head, ears, mouth, and more whilst also being able to move, enlarge, and edit them. Once you have your Floof (NFT) just the way you want it, you’ll be able to mint your Floof into being with Cardano and Crypto’s first build-an-NFT minting functionality.

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