A social NFT game with the first customizable NFTs



Flooftopia is the first ever NFT Project to allow the user to customize their own NFT and build their own Floof!


Flooftopia is built to be a kid friendly game, but not kid exclusive. Flooftopia is for gamers and NFT lovers alike, regardless of age!


Crypto Loops (company behind Flooftopia) is working in collaboration with Red Potion Studios (the studio behind AdaQuest) to build this social, multiplayer game!


Though blockchain is relatively new, gaming is not. We want to provide additional functionality by allowing ownership of game assets, and this is where Cardano’s NFT functionalities come in!


Flooftopia is an NFT based game being built on the Cardano Blockchain, and is a kid-friendly game that is meant for people of all ages. We are the first NFT game or project to introduce the experience of customizing your very own Floof and NFT that will forever live on the blockchain!

We are in the beginning phases of Flooftopia’s development, but we are hard at work developing the game, NFT minting process, and world of Flooftopia!

Check out our Project Catalyst Proposal below!

To learn more about the team, check out our Teams Page!

Artworks are initial concepts and can differ a little in detail from the final version.


Q4 2021

  • ✔ Begin collaboration with Red Potion Studios (brilliant minds behind AdaQuest)
  • ⏳ Further development of website 
  • ✔ Hiring more staff (community management, junior video artist, 3D modeler/animator, etc.)
  • ⏳ Lore, story, and game design development
  • ⏳ Backend and frontend coding to implement unique minting functionality

Q1 2022

  • Continue game development (e.g. game design, Floof qualities, Floof customizations & apparel, server planning, etc)
  • Additional language integrations
  • Continue NFT creation functionalities

Q2 2022

  • Ongoing game design and game mechanics development
  • Hire further resources (coders, artists, and testers)
  • Begin sale of customizable NFTs*

Q3-Q4 2022

  • Possible release of alpha*
  • Possible release of beta*
  • Continued polish and balance of Flooftopia*
  • More info coming soon!*

More accurate timelines will come as we get closer to the release dates.
✔ Completed!